These Are Main Types of Stave Puzzles You Should Buy

These Are Main Types of Stave Puzzles You Should Buy

There is no doubt that Stave puzzles are some of the best in the market. The company is best known for high-quality puzzles in terms of materials and content. In addition, Stave’s company also provides customers with a range of puzzles options to choose from. There are various types of stave puzzles for sale that you can pick from. Here are some of the key types of stave puzzles buyers can select in the market.

Traditional Puzzles

Stave Company has retained their traditional rectangular puzzles. Most of these puzzles come in different sizes to meet various needs of their customers. Their sizes range from 5 by 7 inches to 20 by 25 inches. That means that you can have puzzles for beginners, bigger kids and even for adult puzzle enthusiasts from this line of traditional stave puzzles. These puzzles come with a varying number of pieces depending levels. In addition, tradition stave puzzles for sale comes with numerous benefits such as ease of use and extreme durability.

Teaser Puzzles

Stave’s teaser puzzles are an improvement of their traditional line. They are designed to make the jigsaw puzzle harder than the traditional ones, and that’s why they are recommended for preschoolers or the bigger kids and even adults. To make them a little bit difficult to solve, these puzzles have a reduced number of visual cues that normally makes traditional puzzles easy to solve. From the design, these puzzles have holes left either in the center other separate areas into which many pieces must be fitted. But fitting these holes without any clue on how to do it is what adds complexity in these puzzles. Teaser puzzles are also good adults.

Trick Puzzles

As the name suggests, this is another tricky puzzle from Stave that is recommended for big kids and adults as well. What makes these puzzles difficult is the design of their pieces. Unlike the rest of the mentioned puzzles from Stave, trick puzzles have some pieces that fit two or more different places, but one of them is considered correct. That makes them tricky to solve. They are usually made in a small block of wood but are extremely difficult to solve.

These are the three main types of stave puzzles for sale that you can choose. But as mentioned, the choice depends on who will be filling the puzzles. The last two are great for older kids and adults and more the elderly who want to keep their brain active to avoid dementia and other mental conditions related to old age.

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