Safety Tips For using Peg Puzzles with Toddlers

Safety Tips For using Peg Puzzles with Toddlers

Although peg puzzles are great for kids, they can also be hazard if they are not used properly. There are various cases that has been reported about toddlers’ injuries resulting from peg puzzles. These commonly occur when a parent fails to adhere to simple precautions provided for proper use of these puzzles.

If immediate attention lacks, some situations can cause death such as swallowing of puzzle pegs or tearing major arteries. Parents, therefore, need to maintain absolute safety measures to ensure their kids stay safe when interacting with puzzles. Here are some of the safety tips for using peg puzzles with toddlers:

Toddler’s age

Peg puzzles come in different levels for children of different ages. If you buy a complex puzzle for little kids, they may become frustrated with assembling failure and hurt themselves. Furthermore, more advanced puzzles in terms of level may have features rough for young kids. These include pegs with sharp edges compared to those designed for small kids. Besides, higher lever puzzles may come in big sizes that might harm small children when trying to lift them.


Peg puzzles are meant to challenge the development of certain skills in children. However, you should always have an eye on their progress. This helps to ensure that they don’t use the puzzles in a way that may harm them. Furthermore, it presents the chance to guide them when stuck hence they don’t get frustrated. Supervising also means that you can take immediate action if the kids harm themselves thereby preventing severe conditions. Moreover also allows the fixing of loose pegs when you identify them.


One of the ways you can avoid injuries includes creating awareness of the use of peg puzzles. A parent should teach the toddler on how to handle the peg puzzle parts for safe interaction. Doing this ensures that they will interact with the puzzles without harm even when you are not around.


A considerable percentage of injuries from peg puzzles occurs after use. This includes stepping on the puzzles pieces when left on the floor hence harming the feet. Furthermore, the may start playing with some small pieces when left on the table which may choke them when swallowed. Therefore, safe storage becomes a necessity. Use boxes envelops or bags to slide the puzzle after use. Afterward, lock them away in drawers out of reach by the toddlers.

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