How Wooden Puzzles Improves Kids’ learning Skills

How Wooden Puzzles Improves Kids’ learning Skills

For centuries, puzzles have gained popularity for their ability to enhance learning skills in children. As a result, the world has witnessed numerous inventions and innovations in the industry. Most of the parents ensure that their kids start using a wooden knob puzzle at a tender age to nurture critical skills. The wooden knob puzzles improves a variety skills that helps the kid improve their learning abilities at a very early age. Here are some of the key learning skills that wooden knob puzzles can help improve :

Eye-hand coordination

Wooden knob puzzles help improve the coordination of eye and hand in younger children. The lifting of the knobbed-puzzle parts and fitting them in respective slot involves both the eyes and hands. The child, therefore, gains the skills of responding with their hands to what they see. The skill is one of the most important in their lives as they grow up. It will enable the handling of most of the task with a lot of ease and concentration.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills comprise the ability to use the hands efficiently. Wooden knob puzzles help to improve this skill at an early age. The strain to stretch the fingers to handle the knob strengthen the hands’ muscles and make them flexible.  Consequently, the kid gains the mastery of holding objects firmly. With time, they get used to hold items such as containers and plates. Combining this expertise with eye-hand coordination, the kid learns to feed themselves at a tender age. They also develop good writing capability even before they join the school.

Memory skills

The interaction of children with wooden knob puzzles also enhances the ability to remember things. When a kid successfully assembles the puzzle for one time and does it for several other times, their memory improves. They are able to remember where they place a particular part last time. Therefore, they gain a skill that is very essential in life especially in school.

Differentiation skills

Most of the wooden knob puzzles contain pictures and designs of common things in the environment. These may be house tools, animals, plants, letters, numbers and many others. When children interact with these puzzle parts, they get to know and differential things in their surroundings. Therefore, they get to use this knowledge in real life. Learning even in schools will become easier when experienced with such exposure early in life.

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