4 Main Makes of Preschool Puzzles

4 Main Makes of Preschool Puzzles

What make of preschool puzzle boards do you know? Well, contrary to what most parents think, there are numerous types of puzzle boards for kids in the market. So if your kiddo love puzzles, what option of do you have in the market for her? The answer is that there are numerous options available in the market for you. However, these options often determine the complexity of the puzzle. We’ve rounded up the most common types of preschool puzzles:

Knobbed Puzzles

These are wooden preschool puzzles that are designed to help kids develop excellent motor skills. In most cases, they are designed with an image on the slot or underneath and on the puzzle piece. The aim objective of using the knob is to help the kid grasp the pieces and thus developing motor skills. They are also good for the preschool kids since they greatly help them to solve simple problems. That gets them ready for the science and mathematics problems. Keep adding more pieces to make the puzzle to make it tougher.

Non-Knobbed Puzzles

If you kid has already developed good motor skills and they are ready to join the kindergarten, then non-knobbed puzzle would be the best options. These preschool wooden puzzles are not designed with knobs, but the pieces are slightly raised above for better grasping. Depending on the kid’s age, the underneath or the slot may be or not be painted with pictures to be fitted. These puzzles also help the kid to develop exceptional motor skills and task completion. The more pieces you have on the board, the tougher the puzzle becomes.

Outline Matching Puzzles

Outline matching puzzles us another preschool wooden puzzle that is highly popular with relatively order kids. One common feature of these puzzles is the fact that they don’t have knobs or the picture underneath. They are designed to help the kids with shape recognition which helps them improve the cognitive skills. They also promote the development of the motor skills. The kid must look at the outline of the board and the actual shape to make it fit. The only older kids who are ready to join the kindergarten can be able to solve this puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Last but not the least is the Jigsaw puzzle. These are the most popular types of boards due to the numerous benefits. First, these preschool wooden puzzles easy to make and they last for long. They are also relatively cheaper. These puzzles will help the kid developer better in motor skills and cognitive skills. Jigsaw puzzles also allow two or three kids on one board thus creating a sense of teamwork from an early age.

These are the main makes of preschool wooden puzzles that you can get for your kid. However, jigsaw is the most popular due to the obvious reason.

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